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Land a remote job without wasting time getting ignored and sending out dozens of applications.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Desperation: You can’t be shackled to an office any more and need to find remote work ASAP

  • Overwhelm: There's too many resources out there and you're stuck not knowing where to start

  • Frustration: You’ve sent out applications but you’re just getting ignored, which makes you angry

  • Uncertainty: You don't know what you're doing wrong so you don't know what to change

  • Discouragement: Constant rejection causes you to expect failure and your effort is inconsistent

  • Doubt: You’ve lost confidence in landing a remote job and feel like just quitting altogether

If you feel any of those, imagine a world where you had:


    What if you used a proven process that gave you the confidence to proudly send your resume directly to decision-makers rather than the abyss of rejected resumes?


    What if you knew the step-by-step method that showed you exactly what you were doing wrong so you could improve and finally move forward in your job search with certainty?


    What if you had a coach and confidant to help you along your remote job search and a community that motivated you to be consistent and accountable to your dream goals?


    What if your remote job search excited you because you learned new ways to network and connect with job opportunities that actually got you responses and interviews?

Yes, it's possible! But here's what most people do wrong:

  • They are focused on the "numbers game" and feel like the more applications they send out the better their chance of success.

  • They're too generalized in their search, applying for "any" job they are somewhat qualified for.

  • Their resumes, LinkedIn, and cover letters aren't aligned to articulate the value they bring for the role they're applying for.

  • They're focused more on themselves in their messaging than the benefit for the company.

  • They don't know how to meaningfully connect to decision-makers at the companies they are interested in.

  • They're focused on the traditional application process of sending in applications and waiting for a response.

  • They don't have a strategy, support, or any form of feedback to correct what they are doing wrong.

If any of these have been you, it's NOT your fault! We were never taught how to do this. But, while it's not your fault... it is your responsibility to learn...

It's the same system that's enabled me to work remotely for multiple companies since 2014. It helps my clients find remote jobs that fit their skills without wasting time on hundreds of applications, fake listings, or getting ignored.

Why is it so effective? Why are some people getting job offers for remote positions, and others are thrown to the dark abyss - nay, the black hole of rejected resumes? What's the difference between getting a response like this (one of my clients):

And getting a rejection letter? Or even worse, completely ghosted?

You need the right strategy!

The Road to Remote system is a process you can use to get out of the on-going cycle of applying and being ignored. While finding and landing a remote job isn't "easy," it can be "simple," (which is an important distinction). Using a unique three-step approach, the Road to Remote focuses on circumventing the "traditional" application process which plagues so many remote job seekers. These steps:

  1. Process: Create a process that saves you time and energy while organizing your search properly instead of throwing pasta on your wall and hoping it's cooked enough to stick.
  2. Branding: Build an online reputation by viewing yourself as a "product," and learn how to articulate your expertise in your niche and skillset as a benefit to targeted companies. We'll work on "selling yourself" without having to go to the street corner.
  3. Connection: Execute sustainable networking techniques to build authentic relationships, trust, and get connected to remote opportunities. No more awkward, half genuine LinkedIn messages with your resume attached.

When you do all of these together, effectively, you'll practically have companies eating out of your hand, ready to offer you a position before you send a resume.

But, there's a very specific way to do this. And that's the point: It's the process I've used to land 4 remote jobs myself, and what I successfully teach others.

It includes an application sequence intro email in a very specific order to hand off your resume directly to decision-makers. It's the strategy that got one of my clients to 40X her response rates:

Few people are doing it, and it's how you get noticed, get interviews, and get hired, even in times like this. If you take consistent action, every day, with small, specific job searching techniques, it adds up.

The hardest thing for most job seekers is just getting from 0 to 1. Meaning, most people I talk to are not hearing anything back from employers. And, they crave just getting a response because that would at least indicate some sort of progress.

Here's where this process can change your life. I had one client who had gone months of zero responses from dozens of applications, and the very first application he sent out, using this strategy, he got an interview with a competitive remote company:

Many job seekers are afraid they're not qualified enough, either, but the reality is, there will always be people more qualified than you. The labor pool available to remote companies is vast. You have to be unique.

I'll show you how to stand out from the thousands of people applying to the same job, which tools to use to move the needle, and which mistakes that I made, and see so many other job seekers making - so you don't waste time making them too.

Are you ready to give it a real shot at earning your remote job? My clients are getting results: more responses, more interviews, more jobs. Like how one of my clients received 2 emails requesting her for an interview within 30 minutes of each other.

You don't have to go at this alone, and frankly put, you shouldn't. I've put hundreds of hours into creating this course and continuously update it with new information so you're always on the cutting edge of what works in the job market.

Would you regret learning how to do something you've always wanted to do? You're already investing so much time and energy in NOT doing it the right way. What's it worth to finally know how?

Enroll in the Road to Remote!

Don't look back at this moment a few months from now and wish you'd taken action. Make social distancing your excuse to finally find the remote job of your dreams.

Going from an hour and a half drive in the snow to commuting five feet to my desk...

After college, I landed a corporate job in tech sales.

It was exactly what my parents, school, and society steered me to. It had all the bells and whistles...

  • A plush starting salary
  • An extensive training program
  • I even wore a suit every day

Last but not least, we were required to go into a local office. 

At the time I was living with two of my colleagues in the same training program. Since the office was an hour away, we had to leave before the sun would rise to get there in time.

In the evening we'd leave late, usually, after rush hour died down, and we were afraid to be the first to leave the office, even if we were done with our work.

There were days in the office where I wouldn't see the sun for the entire day!

It felt like the twilight zone. I walked into the office in the morning while it was still dark, and by the time I left it was dark (literal picture I took of this phenomenon in 2013):

It felt defeating, it felt like a waste of time, and some days I was so stressed about facing traffic, it was all I could focus on while at work.

Then, one day, I woke up to an email that felt like a message sent from God. I read it slowly, wiped the crust out of my eyes, and then read it again.

It said:

"Snowed in. Work from home today."

I rejoiced. That winter in Boston was the coldest and snowiest in a decade. Luckily, because of that, there were many more snow days where we were permitted to work from home. After a while we also finagled with our manager to work from home every Friday, no matter the weather.

But, most weeks after the winter, we were still coming into the office 4 times a week. I craved more.

I was like a junkie... I was addicted from the first taste of remote work.

But here's the thing...

What was initially a buffer for hangover days, where I was grateful to sleep in longer, became a greater opportunity to improve my life. I realized I didn't want to compromise my ability to work remotely for anything and started treating it as if any day it could disappear.

I developed proficiencies working remotely.

Instead of waking up 5 minutes before meetings, I leveraged the 2-3 hours a day I got back from my commute to cook my meals for the week.

I started working out more.

I spent more time on personal projects, hobbies, and work projects I didn't get done during traditional hours.

I was more productive, saving money, and getting in better shape, and I felt FREE.

It became the norm, and more importantly, over the course of the next 5+ years, I worked remotely consistently, even through multiple career changes.

Throughout these pivots, I left a Fortune 50 company, worked for multiple startups, and created my own businesses. And, in the past two years, I've been working full time remotely while traveling the world, living in 15 countries on 5 continents.

The transferable skills I built combined with the ongoing innovations in tech makes remote work a possibility for the rest of my life.

I became a Basset Hound of remote work, sniffing out local coffee shops with bottomless coffee and high-speed Wifi.

I became a pro at creating functional workspaces from the most obscure places. Remote work became my symbol of freedom. My liberation from bullshit, corporate, office distractions.

A transformation occurred internally. I had been studying, researching, and implementing strategies to find remote work myself...

Within my previous role at Remote Year and the coaching work I do, I was speaking to hundreds of people each week about remote work.

I'd accumulated relationships in remote job communities, found and build resources, and realized my knowledge of how to navigate the remote job marketplace was highly uncommon...

I could enable people to live their own dream, whether that was to spend more time with their family, work from local coffee shops, or even travel the world.

That's why I built this course.

I started creating the content in this course in early 2018 and have since updated it many times to ensure it's the most relevant, comprehensive, and accessible remote job course on the market.

I want to help you find your remote job: Find out more below!

What's included, you ask?

You'll get lifetime access to the course curriculum (preview it below) which includes 50+ step-by-step videos, 20+ actionable templates, and additional high value bonuses!

Want Bonuses? You Got 'Em.

Make sure to check out these high value bonuses that only come with your investment in the Road to Remote program.

  • Lifetime Mastermind Membership

    I'll add you to my private mastermind group with lifetime access! You'll get connected with other high performing remote job seekers who are going through the same process. Your ability to share wins, learn from mistakes, and network will help you stay accountable and give you the motivation you need to finally land the remote role you deserve.

  • Exclusive Content Access

    You'll get access to exclusive content I don't post anywhere else! This course is bundled with advanced training including weekly posts to help you with your mindset, motivation, and tactical walk-throughs of specific tools for your remote job search. As a part of the Mastermind group I also take suggestions for advanced content to create so you can get tutorials on the specific things you're challenged with.

  • 1 Month of Hand Picked Jobs

    You'll get exclusive job updates each week, for the course of a month, specific to your niche. We'll scour the internet, paid slack groups, Facebook communities, newsletters, and job boards for recently posted positions and send them your way so you'll always have a pipeline of remote jobs. Each week I'll find you 3 different jobs that are within your specifications of industry, role, and type of position.

Find Your Remote Job Now!

The best way to assure failure is to guess at what you're doing and give yourself no option of knowing what you need to fix. There's so many reasons to convince yourself you can't, but the best reasons are why you can do this. If you don't invest in yourself, who will?

See What Others Are Saying

Allison K.

“Jordan’s Road to Remote course provides key insight. His approaches are clear, perceptive and useful to take better action and stand out as your online persona. Whether you are just starting to apply to remote positions or need a refresher course, it’s going to help. He provides many tools and techniques to organize your search process.”

Omolara M.

“Jordan's Road to Remote course was a godsend. It was jam-packed with resources to find positions through non-traditional means. Jordan is a great teacher and mentor. He is wise beyond his years! Thanks for everything, Jordan!”

Genesis A.

”I am truly blown away by the value and depth of Jordan's Road to Remote course. I have been a remote worker for about a year now in various roles, so I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the best way to approach remote work. This course went far beyond my expectations, both in preparing me for the remote job search, and in providing professional development tools that go far beyond the scope of remote work.”

Autumn R.

“Road to Remote is a great class with excellent tips to help improve your remote job search and application process. I just finished it recently and have had success in getting interviews utilizing what I learned!”

Victor R.

“Jordan's Road to Remote course helped organize my job search and gain greater clarity using the course's resources and exercises. As a result, I started getting more interviews and found a remote role using the techniques learned in this course.”

No risk for you: Full money back guarantee.

If you execute the action items in this course and within two weeks you make ZERO progress on finding a remote job, you'll get a full 100% refund. That's how confident I am. Just send an email to

Your Instructor: The Remote Job Coach

Jordan Carroll

Jordan has worked about 6 years remotely in the US and while traveling internationally, for a Fortune 50 company, start-ups, and his own businesses. He's lived in 15 countries on 5 continents in the past two years and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He creates content, courses, and coaching programs to help high performers learn a process to land legitimate remote jobs and gain freedom and flexibility in their lives.


  • Who is this for?

    You're currently not working remotely and want to pivot into a remote job either with your current company or a different one. You’re ambitious, have cross functional skills that you could apply to some kind of remote job, but don’t know where to find it, or how to switch into the role internally. You’re committed to finding a job that fits with your lifestyle instead of a lifestyle that fits your job. You’re looking for more freedom in your day-to-day life and flexibility to be able to work anywhere in the world. Your goal is remote employment with a company that supports locational independence.

  • Who is this NOT for?

    It's ok if this is not for you! Better we find out beforehand than after purchasing it. You’re not action-oriented when presented with a system, process, and path. You’re looking for overnight success or a get rich quick scheme (this takes time and actual change). You’re not committed to the remote lifestyle and finding a job that supports that. You’re not ready to invest money and time into yourself and your remote life. You’re looking to build your own business as your sole source of income and a way to go fully remote (I can help you with your side hustles, but this methodology is focused on a job search for your sole sources of income, not building a business).

  • Am I even capable of finding a remote job?

    Depends. Are you ready to commit to yourself? Are you ready to take the action steps necessary? Some people will have an advantage (previous remote job experience, transferable skills that relate to high demand remote jobs, etc). If you've NEVER worked from a computer before, this is probably not for you. However, if you've had a computer job before and you've been a strong contributor to a team and built skills through your experience, there are more and more remote opportunities being opened for those type of people.

  • What if my background skills don't fit any remote jobs?

    Maybe you don't know how to code or program or *insert technical skill here* so you think you can’t get a remote job. I also had my doubts about my skills translating directly to a remote position. What I found was that I needed more awareness of what my transferable skills were so that I could apply them to a wider range of potential roles. I was pleasantly surprised with how many roles actually fit my skill set. During one of the first modules of the course we use the same exercise I used to figure this out for myself.

  • What if my industry doesn't have any remote jobs?

    Maybe you don’t know anyone who has a remote job in your industry, and you find it hard to believe there could be. First off, you may be able to switch industries, and it helps to be flexible in your thinking about how you can make this work. Secondarily, I found that many unexpected industries are expanding into remote roles. Would you believe that some doctors, lawyers, and even yoga teachers are working fully remote? Technology is opening avenues for new service types, and thus more industries supporting flexible work.

  • Are remote jobs scams?

    No! There's many legitimate remote jobs. Maybe you’re afraid of sending your information to a listing that isn’t real and compromising yourself. I have seen fake listings and many different ‘work from home’ opportunities that either were some type of scummy MLM or someone trying to rip you off. By knowing what to look for in job listings as well as the exact sites to use, which we cover in the course, you’ll never fall prey to something like that.

  • I'm less qualified than other candidates, can I still find a job?

    Maybe you feel that because there are thousands of people that apply to remote jobs that you don’t stand a chance. Here’s the thing: there will always be someone more qualified and experienced. That’s a fact of life. But, there are many ways to stand out during a remote job search — and with this course I’ll teach you tactics that less than 1% of the applicants will be doing. So, even if you are less qualified, a company will judge you based on your tenacity and creativity to get their attention.

  • Does this course gurantee I'll get a remote job? How long will it take?

    I wish I could guarantee results! Unfortunately, because this involves many variables, some including but not limited to: your experience, effort, and specific situation, I'm unable to guarantee anything. So, it's on you to use the information in action to make it happen. I've had some students get jobs within a month of taking the course! But depending on your situation, it could take longer. Also, if you take action on the steps I outline in the course and see NO progress in your ability to find a remote job - you can contact support to apply for a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

  • Do you provide additional help?

    Yes! My support email is open for clients and potential clients alike to ask questions: I also provide personalized coaching. If you're interested in exclusive mentorship you can set up a call here to discuss: